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Netspend Dispute Documents - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Fill Netspend Dispute Documents, download blank or editable online. Netspend Dispute Documents - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Print Form Dispute Notification Form - Unauthorized Credit/Debit Transactions Please complete this Dispute Notification Form to initiate a dispute relating to any unauthorized credit or debit transactions on your card. NetSpend Dispute Analyst Salaries | Paysa - The average Base Salary...
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Hey it's Patrick In our previous video we talked about chargebacksand the chargeback representment process we learned these chargebacks are a great formof protection for the customers but sometimes they're abused This is why merchants need to learn how towin disputes or chargebacks So today we're gonna be talking just aboutthat So what do you need as a merchant to wina dispute Well of course you need to provide as muchevidence as possible and you need to organize that evidence in a way that's structured andvery easy to follow and that evidence should be submitted as one document preferably aPDF to the acquire and we know this is complicated and it takes a lot of time and you don't knowwhat to do but at SecurionPay we've created a fast andeasy solution for merchants with our chargeback representment form It's great it's easy and it structures everythingin a nice way that's sent on to the acquirer for you Here's a list of some general documents thatyou usually put in the dispute form It includes the product description and theURL as well as any links associated with that product the customers name the IP signaturesbilling addresses receipts scanned or print screens communication that you've had withthe customer this could include emails chats audio recordings etc and any other relevantinformation that you deem necessary If we're getting in more detail for physicalproducts shipping address the date of delivery any shipping documents that you have as wellas signatures to prove that the product was actually delivered and received trackingnumbers as well as the information about the carrier such as FedEx or DHL For offline services of course the date ofthe service contracts or any other documents For digital products you basically need toprove that the customer actually used your product so server logs download historyetc What the data also shows is that with ourdispute form there's a 25 more likely chance of you winning disputes and chargebacks versusold traditional ways of communicating emails etc So that's it for today how to win those chargebacks So go win them check out our website leaveus some comments and enjoy the rest of your day