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This form must to be completed and submitted to Netspend as soon as possible but no later than 60 days after the date of the transaction in dispute. Print Form Dispute Notification Form - Unauthorized Credit/Debit Transactions Please complete this Dispute Notification Form to initiate a dispute relating to any unauthorized credit or debit transactions on your card. A decision will be made regarding whether the funds in dispute will be credited to your card within 10 business days after our...
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. Please submit a completed Dispute Notification Form electronically via Netspend's online Dispute Submission System (DSSS). For complete details about this form, including the requirements and instructions to use this form, click the link below under "Detailed Information about this form". You may also visit Netspend's Customer Support Center at (800) 745-6675 or (877) 564-4933 to request technical assistance. After submitting this form, Netspend will provide you a confirmation message that will allow you to review and follow the status of your request until you are notified by Netspend that your claim has been adjudicated. A. Unauthorized Credit or Debit Transaction Reason Code: - A credit or debit transaction has been received through an unauthorized device - Your card is issued by an issuer and is protected by your banking institution. There is no need to contact the card issuer about the unauthorized transaction. You can check your credit card history to verify whether you are still on a credit card program or if you were no longer on one when your transaction was initiated. To check the credit card issuer's credit information, call the card issuer at 1-800-525-8588 and ask for the "credit information" link. This information will tell you more about your account. If the transaction occurred while you were on a pre-paid transaction, you will have to call your card provider to verify that a pre-paid card does not authorize transactions on a future event. You can also check your account balance online here: https://www.usaa.gov/credit-card/. Please note that there is an additional 3-4 business day processing time from when your transaction was received through the Netspend systems to the time you receive the final decision, and up to 40 business days (not including weekends and holidays) after Netspend receives your complaint. B. Unauthorized Transaction Date & Time (Unreported & Unknown) - We are unable to verify the transaction date/time of this transaction. As a result, an unknown date and time is assigned. C. Confirmed Debit Transaction, Credit or Transaction that does not exist - Please complete the online Dispute Notification Form or use the following link to review a detailed list of the available dispute types on Netspend's Customer Support Center (DSSS): https://www.netspend.com/customer Your next step will be to send Netspend your Transaction Description and the following information as evidence, together with your Dispute
These Terms and Conditions (these “Agreement”) apply to your use of the Card Services and any other programs linked to it. Please read these Terms and Conditions, together with all applicable terms, policies and instructions, before accessing or using the Card Services. If you think you have an unresolved issue, or if you dispute one of the terms of use (including your rights to access, use, or resell the Card Services or any related content, goods, services or information), you may make your dispute: (a) by contacting us at Customer Service at the contact information given below, (c) by posting on this website at and/or at, where you will be identified as the person making the dispute and will, if indicated, be subject to your provisions regarding electronic correspondence with us Which you can review at any time by logging into the Card Services' web-based portal (“Purchases”), by submitting a Dispute Form (including by downloading a Dispute Template which can be found in Section 6 below) or (d) by emailing us at stating your name and email address, and indicating that you are submitting your dispute under these Terms and Conditions.
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